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Infertility is a really tough path to travel – especially when you feel like you are alone. That’s what makes the PVED community so great! You don’t have to trek through the jungle of egg donation, embryo donation, or egg donor surrogacy alone. PVED proudly offers a private, safe, active, and close-knit community. We firmly believe in creating strong communities, and we actively support individuals and families who are exploring, currently in the process or have created their family via egg donation, embryo donation or surrogacy.

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PVED Private Membership Forum

Because talking about infertility can be incredibly painful and isolating, we also offer a Members Only private, SECURE forum for an annual membership fee. As part of that membership fee, you are also eligible to join our private Facebook Group too. We offer two membership payment options:

- $19.95 – annual membership fee
- $149.95 – lifetime membership

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We believe that there is no other forum like it on the internet! There are over 25 boards within the forum itself - everything from A-Z regarding third party egg donation, embryo donation, and egg donor surrogacy. We completely understand how important your Privacy is to you! And that is why our forum is ONLY for moms, dads, and parents-to-be to converge and converse about every aspect of egg donation, embryo donation, or egg donor surrogacy. Because we care so much about your privacy, PVED requires all potential members to complete an application form and we personally call applicants before approving them. You can read about the registration and approval process here: Forum Terms

The forum is the place where we let our hair down, ask tough questions, compare clinics, agencies, statistics, and talk about everything and anything to do with egg donation. That means what happens in the forums stays in the forums. These forums are not for physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, egg donors, children of egg donation, egg donor agencies, lawyers, or other industry professionals. It’s also not a place for your parents, in-laws, co-workers, neighbors, or friends. (The only exception is if one of the above is an intended parent, or a parent via egg donation themselves). It’s just for you!

What really happens in the forum and what do I get for a yearly or lifetime subscription?

The answer is – Anything and everything surrounding third party egg donation, embryo donation, and egg donor surrogacy is what we talk about real time. There is information and conversations about:

  • General Information about egg donation
  • How to select agencies
  • How to select clinics
  • How to select Reproductive Attorneys
  • How to select an egg donor
  • Traveling for fertility treatment
  • How to find an experienced therapist who understand infertility
  • How to deal with your genetic link loss and what giving up your genetics really means
  • What parenting may look like after your baby is born
  • Pregnancy, parenting, being an older parent
  • Miscarriage and loss
  • Embryo donation
  • Support for GLBT intended parents
  • Egg donor with surrogacy
  • And finally we offer professional boards that professionals from the following areas read and answer your questions:
    • Ask the Reproductive Endocrinologist
    • Ask the Lawyer
    • Ask the Midwife
    • Ask the Mental Health Therapist

We also have many sections and articles on our website covering pretty much every topic from A-Z regarding egg donation, embryo donation, and egg donor gestational surrogacy.

If there is something you don’t see, and you would like more information, please email us.

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