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PVED Embryo Donation Program

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•    Has your family completed their family building?
•    Does the idea of disposing or destroying your embryos seem upsetting or make you uncomfortable?
•    Do you find donating your embryos to science not something you're okay with?
•    Is keeping your embryos cryopreserved / frozen not feasible or affordable?
•    Is anonymous embryo donation not for you?
•    Will it give you peace of mind to know that donating embryos to another family will not only give them a chance to become parents but you will know who you are donating your embryos to?

Last but not least - Are you at a crossroads and can't decide what to do with your left over embryos? Maybe we can help.

Parents via Egg Donation (PVED) provides the unique opportunity for embryo donating parents who have completed their family building to connect with intended parents (embryo recipients) who are looking to create or add to their family. We are dedicated to providing embryo donors and embryo recipients the opportunity to find each other, with the ability, autonomy, and support to work out the details of their embryo donation on their own terms.

We offer a completely open embryo donation program, which will provide children the right and ability to know their genetic origins and each other. What that means is you the donating parent selects the individual or family to receive your cryopreserved (frozen) embryos. As the donating parent this is an opportunity to learn about the intended parents that will be receiving your embryos, what open donation looks like, and what continuing contact means to both families. In some cases both families may even choose to meet face to face (in person).

We help you do all the heavy lifting at no cost to the donating parents. Let us help you navigate the uncharted waters of embryo donation.

Our criteria in regards for accepting embryos is as follows:

We will accept embryos into our program if they are embryos created via Egg Donation, as well as Egg Donation and Sperm Donation (often referred to as donor/donor ) The cut off for embryos created via egg donation and genetic father sperm is age 55 without CCS/PGD/PGS testing.

If embryos were created using the genetics of the genetic parents (genetic mother and father) our cut off is age 36 for the female parent and 55 for the male parent without CCS/PGD/PGS testing.

For Donating Parents: please fill in our Donating Parents Form.

For Intended Parents: please fill in our Intended Parents Form.


»    Contact our office by email or phone to schedule an appointment to learn more about our program, either as a donor or recipient.
»    If you are a donating parent you will be asked to complete a biography about yourself and family, what you are looking for in a recipient/intended parent (your criteria), how many embryos will be donated, the quality, and how they are cryopreserved (e.g., how many embryos in a straw), information and photos (if you have them) on both the egg donor and sperm donor, as well as photos of your family for our file.
»    If you are a recipient/intended parent and you're interested in a specific set of embryos you will be asked to submit a letter of interest. This letter will be in the form of a biography about your self and your family. What you are looking for in regards to embryos and a potential match with a donating family.
»    Once the donating family shows interest in a potential family PVED introduces both parties to one another, facilitates the initial and follow up meetings between both parties. During this time, families will have the opportunity to spend time, communicate and ask those necessary questions to determine if both families are a match. Once a match is made PVED, assists both parties through the embryo donation process:

ο    Providing both parties with appropriate referrals for separate legal representation.
ο    Providing both parties with appropriate referrals for a psycho-educational session with a licensed mental health professional in your state.
ο    Research and refer transportation companies for the transportation of embryos.
ο    Continued support, education and advocating for the parents throughout the process.


Costs associated with embryo donation vary from clinic to clinic. This my depend on your clinics cost for a frozen embryo transfer, and what medications you'll require.

There is never a cost to the donating parents. Any and all costs are absorbed by the intended parents.

Typical costs for the intended parent:

Reimbursement of the legal contract that the donating parents have created via their reproductive attorney: $800 - $1200.

The cost of your legal counsel you will hire to review the contract between the donating parents and yourself: $400-$800.

One year reimbursement to the intended parents for cryopreservation fee: $300 - $1000.

Cost of a psychoeducational session with a licensed mental health therapist: $250-$450.

Reimbursement to the donating parents of a psycho educational session with a licensed mental health therapist: $250-$450.

Any blood test that the donating partners may have - these are typically covered under insurance.

Shipping of embryos to your fertility clinic: varies


An Administrative fee of $3700.00 payable upon match. This fee is paid by the embryo recipient to PVED. Our administrative fee includes, matching, cycle coordination, facilitating services, and any advertising or research.

To learn more about PVED's embryo donation program, please contact PVED at pvededp@pved.org or call 503-369-9363.

PVED is not affiliated with or connected to any IVF clinic, embryo donation agency, adoption agency, or religious organization.

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