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PVED Embryo Donation Information

PVED encourages and supports intended parents who wish to build their families through embryo donation, or families who have completed their family building and wish to “pay it forward” by donating their embryos to another family.

What Is Embryo Donation?

Embryo donation is a form of third party reproduction. It is giving or donating frozen (cryopreserved) embryos remaining after IVF treatments to another family to assist them in their family building process. Although sometimes referred to as embryo adoption, the legal process in the United States is a transfer of property where all rights to the child are relinquished, it is not a legal adoption by most US state laws. The donated embryos are then transferred to the recipient’s uterus, and any resulting child or children are legally the children of the recipient intended parents.

If you are considering donating embryos or would like to learn more about your options for receiving donated embryos to create your family, we are here to help and support you.

Please visit the following PVED sections for more information about receiving or donating embryos:

Embryo Donation Programs
Donating Your Embryos

We also offer the following resources:
  • A FREE secure and private forum for moms, dads, parents-to-be, and parents considering donating embryos to converse about every aspect of embryo donation
  • Embryo Donation FAQ - Options and considerations for intended parents exploring the various types of embryo donation programs and services available (clinic programs, embryo donation programs, embryo adoption agencies, private matching, etc.)
  • A private matching service for embryo donors and families hoping to receive donated embryos. Contact PVED for details about finding a match for your donated embryos or to be put on a wait list for future consideration.
  • Building Your Family Through Embryo Donation - written by Dr. Britta Dinsmore, PVED Mental Health Director
  • Talking To Children About Donor Conception - written by Dr. Britta Dinsmore, PVED Mental Health Director

We've also included a comprehensive book and reading list with books for adults and children, and many other helpful links that will enhance your knowledge and help you to feel more informed. And here is a list of common infertility Acronyms.

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