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Faculty Biography

Dr Britta Dinsmore, PhD, Mental Health Director
Britta Dinsmore earned her doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Oregon in 1998. She has been licensed as a psychologist in the State of Oregon since 1999 and maintains a private practice as well as serves as a psychological consultant to Oregon Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Dinsmore provides individual and couples counseling for patients experiencing fertility challenges, assisted family-building decisions, and pregnancy loss. Additionally, Dr. Dinsmore provides psychological evaluations of egg donor and gestational carrier candidates. A particular area of interest and expertise for Dr. Dinsmore is contact between parties involved in third-party assistance.

Dr. Dinsmore is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Mental Health Professional’s Group and also has served as a mental health advisor to PVED. Currently, Dr. Dinsmore serves on PVED’s executive board as the organization’s Director of Mental Health. Dr. Dinsmore is also the mother of a ten-year-old son conceived through egg donation.

Dr. Dinsmore may be reached via brittadinsmore@comcast.net or her website, www.brittadinsmore.com
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Carole LieberWilkins, M.A., M.F.T. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in West Los Angeles. A specialist in the field of reproductive medicine, adoption and family building options, Ms. LieberWilkins became a founding member of Resolve of Greater Los Angeles and served on the Resolve Board of Directors in various positions for the next 14 years. Currently, she is a mental health advisor on the Board of Directors of Parents via Egg Donation.

Having created her own family through adoption and ovum donation, Carole approaches her work with personal insights, as well as professional experience. She provides individual, couples and group counseling, as well as donor and gestational carrier psychological evaluations, and psycho?educational consultations for intended parents.

She is well known for her work regarding talking to children about family building, having helped hundreds of patients feel comfortable about talking with their kids about how they built their families. Her article on Talking with Children about Their Conception is highly respected and widely distributed to clients and patients. She has lectured on the topic of family building at important educational venues such as Resolve symposia, and meetings of the American Psychological Association and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Ms. LieberWilkins has also been an invited speaker for Kaiser Hospitals, as well as for industry?sponsored nurses’ symposia.

Carole can be reached at familybuilding@verizon.net

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