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IVF Quote PVED has helped me from the earliest stages of "Is DE really the right and realistic choice for us?" to "How am I really going to do this?" to "Wow, I'm really doing this! Oh, what did I do?" and finally, "Now that we did it, how does this choice effect our family for the rest of our lives?" I like that no matter where you are, there is someone out there willing to help you. And I like to think that my experiences can help others too.
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Listed below are the many FAQ's that PVED has to offer. Simply click on a link and it will take you to the corresponding page the FAQ is located on.

This list is updated regularly and often.

How To Select A Fertility Clinic

How To Select An Agency

How To Select An Egg Donor

After Embryo Transfer

PIO Instructions

Medication FAQ

The Jewish Faith & Egg Donation

Medical tests you might have

Medications you might take during your DE cycle

PIO injection information

Legal Information

State Infertility Coverage Information

Egg donation and the Jewish Faith

Embryo donation for donors

Embryo donation for recipients

Global information for embryo donation

DE IVF Abroad

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