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Dr. Joe Massey
"A different approach to family building through egg donation"

The Egg Donor Alliance (EDA) which is a US/International Hybrid Program understands how challenging and overwhelming it can be to not only find the right egg donor who is the right match but is also affordable.

With over 30 years of experience in infertility and egg donation, the founder of EDA, Dr. Joe Massey sought to provide an alternative to the traditional methods of egg donation to address both of those issues.

The result is a hybrid program that provides a bridge between North American intended parents and attractive, intelligent, affordable donors all over the world.

Intended parents are guaranteed three blastocysts or a pregnancy. The cost of a treatment cycle can be as low as $17,000 including an embryo transfer in the regional affiliated reproductive center. The initial affiliated center for inauguration of this hybrid option is Servy Massey Fertility Institute in Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia. Discussions to bring this plan to other centers across the US and Canada are in progress.

Since its establishment in 1983, egg donation has become utilized globally. In North America, the expense of IVF has far outstripped the rest of the world. High donor reimbursements, drug prices, and IVF medical service prices have become problematic for some couples who need an egg donor. The Egg Donor Alliance connects recipients in North America, highly qualified egg donors, and international centers of excellence in IVF egg donor procedures.

What makes EDA different from other centers?

There are two main differences: price and variety of heritage.

One of the primary reasons egg donation is so expensive in North America is the cost of acquiring an egg donor. They are reimbursed at a much higher rate than the same quality overseas donors. Fresh egg donor cycles typically are around $25,000 and even higher in some areas of the U.S. We have selected the highest quality donors worldwide for a fraction of the cost of North American donors. Further, the cost of drugs and the IVF egg donor procedures are carried out at lower cost.

We have chosen partner provider centers in different parts of the world to create a database of exceptional donors with heritages which are desirable for North American recipient families. A multiethnic donor base has been assembled including Russians with a variety of ethnic origins, Estonians with Scandinavian features, and southern Europeans are available from centers in Ukraine and European Georgia. Latino donors and Asian donors are available as well. At this writing, the black donor list is relatively limited, but is a high priority for expansion.

EDA “cherry-picks” the most ideal donors from larger list of donors outside the USA. Donors meet all of the standards for family history and personal history that one would expect in the United States. They are selected for favorable personality characteristics and personal accomplishments in school and career. Many of the donors selected by EDA have at least some college education. The donors are screened according to the highest United States standards to avoid genetic illnesses or sexually transmitted diseases.

Donors are matched though password protected access on the website Arrangements are made with a participating center in the US or Canada for an embryo transfer within 90 days. This is accomplished by shipping sperm from the intended parents’ nearby reproductive center to the international provider center. Embryos are be shipped back to the North American participating center, and embryo transfer can be planned.

What does EDA’s program offer that egg banks do not?

There are several key components that make the EDA programs different. One is that most frozen egg bank programs only guarantee a certain number of eggs. With EDA, if a donor produces 20 eggs, the recipient gets all of them. The IVF donor process is done with fresh eggs. Also, most egg bank programs guarantee one or two blastocycsts. EDA guarantees a pregnancy or three blastocysts, but there are often more.

Egg Banks Egg Donor Alliance
Eggs 6 eggs All eggs
Guaranteed blastocysts 1-2 blastocysts 3 blastocysts or pregnancy

Steps for success with the EDA program

1. The first step is to do your research! The experts at EDA recommend checking on pricing, what is guaranteed and the variety of donors available. Parents Via Egg Donation is a great resource to get many questions answered about the overall process and advantages of egg donation. 2. Visit to learn more about the program details. 3. Choose an affiliated North American IVF center. Currently, Servy Massey Fertility Institute in Georgia, USA is first center to offer the EDA program. Other centers are coming on line soon. 4. Contact EDA at (470) 344-3600 with specific questions.

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