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Fertility Within Reach (FWR), a 501 (c) (3) national non-profit organization, is a resource for accessing infertility health benefits as well as supporting reproductive health preservation. FWR aims to protect and further access to family building benefits. Based on research, Fertility Within Reach has identified key factors necessary to effectively communicate with policymakers (employers, insurers and legislators) to gain their support of infertility health benefits. Through education, coaching, and resources, patients are provided the guidance and support needed to gain access to insurance coverage for fertility treatment and preservation.

FWR services and materials are provided FREE of charge.

Our services include:

  • Develop unique strategies on how to communicate effectively with decision-makers in the government, insurance industry, and business employers
  • Step-by-step instructions detailing how to:
    • Communicate effectively with your legislative representatives
    • Pursue insurance appeals
    • Discuss options with your employer
    • Facts and resources to supplement communication with policymakers
  • Telephone and in-person coaching
  • Tips to help ensure success with financial applications

My name is Davina Fankhauser and I am the co-founder and President of Fertility Within Reach. Infertility has been part of my life for 20 years, personally and professionally. I am a trained educator, counselor and long-time family and children’s advocate with a duo Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Communications and a Master’s Degree in Education. Following 15 years of trying to build my family, I began to personally and professionally lobby for infertility health benefits, national funding and family-building legislation in Washington D.C. as well as with the insurance industry. I led the successful effort to update the Massachusetts Definition of Infertility in 2010. In 2011 I co-founded Fertility Within Reach, a national nonprofit, which educates patients and policymakers the affordability and value of infertility health benefits required to treat the disease. In addition, I co-founded the Banking on the Future program, with world renowned urologist Paul Turek, which provides grants for adolescent oncology patients to store their reproductive cells prior to cancer treatment. In 2013 I worked with Massachusetts insurance companies to see cryopreservation of eggs become a covered health benefit for infertility patients, as well as those facing medical therapies, such as chemotherapy, which could render them sterile.

The Passionate Mission

Fertility Within Reach was created with the goal of increasing access to infertility benefits so all people needing to build their family in a non-traditional way has access to timely and appropriate health care. I am driven, not just by my personal story. I think of my multiple cousins and friends who faced infertility and had not insurance coverage. I think of the 1 in 6 couples living with fertility challenges; millions of them without health benefits. Mostly, I think of my children, not knowing if they will need infertility treatment in their future, but wanting to ensure they will be spared the heartache of needing medical care and not having an option to utilize the technology available.

My mission involves teaching everyone how to effectively advocate for themselves. Because together, we can make a difference.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

For more information about insurance resources you may contact Davina below:


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