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If you are reading this you might now be pregnant via egg donation! Congratulations!

Guess what? You’re not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention more than 12% of all Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) now involves egg donation? (In 2010 this translates to 18,011 egg donor cycles. In fact over 80% of all ART procedures (like in-vitro fertilization) in women over 45 used donor eggs.)

The current statistics** from the CDC show that 6,459 pregnancies that resulted from ART cycles using fresh embryos from donor eggs, approximately 55% were singleton pregnancies, 37% were twins, and 2% were triplets or more. About 6% of pregnancies ended before the number of fetuses could be accurately determined. Therefore, the percentage of pregnancies with more than one fetus might have been higher than reported.

In 2010, 5,501 pregnancies from ART cycles that used fresh embryos from donor eggs resulted in live births. Approximately 38% of these live births produced more than one infant. This compares with a multiple-infant birth rate of slightly more than 3% in the general U.S. population.

What does that mean for you? This means you are a member of a rapidly growing group of individuals who are about to become parents through cutting edge technology. It’s a real possibility that this time next year you will be experiencing sleep deprivation due to the fact that you are up at night caring for your bundle of joy!

Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED) offers a compact, user friendly pregnancy section chock full of information about being pregnant after 40. We also offer a private and secure community forum where thousands of intended moms like you can gather to converse about fertility treatment and pregnancy revolving around egg donation. We have also partnered with another fantastic community called a Child After 40.. Another valuable resource, they offer tips, support, and advice for those who are parenting over the age of 40.

Within this section you will find:

• What it really means to be pregnant after 40
• Morning sickness, and other pregnancy related irritations!
• Screenings and tests you may choose to have during your pregnancy
• How to endure the dreaded two week wait (while waiting for your pregnancy test)
• Labor, childbirth, and beyond!

Help and support are just a click away – we are glad you found us and congratulations on your pregnancy.

Pregnancy after 40
Screenings and tests
Possible complications
Handling various complaints of pregnancy
Pregnancy reading list
How to endure the 2 week wait
Home Pregnancy test comparisons
Labor and delivery

** SART and CDC success reports are always two years behind. For instance at the time of this writing SART’s reports are for 2010. That means that the success rates you are reading for 2010 may not be at all reflective upon current success rates for that specific clinic.

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